American Heritage Chocolate is made with an authentic 17th century recipe.

The Butler County Historical Society is the only place in Ohio where you can taste and purchase American Heritage Chocolate, made exclusively for museums and living history sites with a focus on education.

As an official distributor of American Heritage Chocolates, the BCHS is in the company of select sites such as Colonial Williamsburg, the Old North Church in Boston, and the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.

The chocolates are produced using small-scale equipment with much of the process and packaging done by hand, reminiscent of how it would have been done in the 1600-1700s. It is an authentic historic chocolate product that uses only ingredients available in the 17th Century.

American Heritage Chocolate was developed by MARS to “share the delicious transformation of chocolate’s flavor, texture and format through the ages.”

For more chocolate history, visit the American Heritage Chocolate Facebook page.

We offer at our bookstore:

  • Single sticks, $1.50
  • Individually Wrapped Chocolate Bites, $7
  • Chocolate Baking Block, $12.00
  • Canister of Chocolate Drink Mix, $22