Work & Play

What is it and How Does it Work?: A “show and tell” with unique items from the collection of the Butler County Historical Society, this interactive program delights audiences of all ages.

1800s Medicine: Bleed, blister and purge were the preferred methods used by physicians during the 1800’s. Learn how medicine has evolved from the time of Ancient Greeks through the Civil War, and other facts, such as what caused the death of President George Washington and the education required to become a doctor in the 1800’s.

Chester Park (Cincinnati): Take a walk down memory lane and relive the fun-filled days of Chester Park, and the train station that was one of the busiest in the country.

The Mosler Safe Company: How many companies can advertise that their product can survive an atomic bomb? Learn about the legacy of Mosler Safes of Hamilton, and the fascinating places that these safes can be found still today!

Silent Movies that Entertained Hamilton 100 Years Ago: Local author Richard Piland of Fairfield reports on the silent movies that entertained Hamilton’s theater goers 100 years ago. Learn about the more than 150 movies that were shown in the city’s four movie houses during October 1917, featuring a “who’s sho” list of film stars of the day.

Robert McCloskey: Did you know that Hamilton was home to a famous author of children’s books? Robert McCloskey was born and raised in Hamilton, and his childhood memories are reflected in the books that he both wrote and illustrated, such as Lentil, Homer Price, and Make Way for Ducklings.

George W. White: Born in Oxford, this local painter spent most of his life in Southwest Ohio, living in Oxford, Cincinnati and Hamilton. Learn about his interesting life, which included time as a minstrel player, and explore his artwork.

The Theaters of Butler County: Entertainment in Butler County in the 1800’s and early 1900’s included traveling shows and local, amateur productions. By 1910, Hamilton was one of the favorite stops for traveling productions. Learn about what constituted an “opera house,” and meet some of the people from Butler County who made it big in show business.

The Dolls at the Butler County Historical Society: There are over 100 dolls in the collection at the Butler County Historical Society, and each has a story to tell. Learn some secrets about how to tell the age of china head dolls, and find out about the best known doll companies of the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Sports Figures of Butler County: Kenesaw Mountain Landis and Joe Nuxhall are just two of the important sports figures from Butler County. Learn more about them and other influential sports figures with ties to our area.

Ruth Lyons: Many of us grew up listing to and watching Ruth Lyons on WKRC and WLW. We will explore this special person in Southwestern Ohio and learn how she affected so many people’s lives.